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ALI is
in AI

- Natural language understanding
- Text summarization (from STT) & TTS with emotion
- Video summarization (from VTT)

ALI’s summarization solution understands the context of person's conversation,
identifies his or her intention & emotion, and summarizes the sentence by abstractive way.

ALI’s computer vision solution can analyze video frames with deep learning to
find the specific pattern you want, and summarize a situation as a text


B2B Model Add on information management

Shows summary of previous conversations for newer,
unread contents, and easy search with schedule
※ A buddy service that summarizes lots of conversations
and finds useful information instead of me
Summarizes expertise to easy ones for
collaboration and file management.
※ Taking over, cooperation, data and information handling
Cloud Service
Automatic generation of file tag to summarize contents, version control & management for files
※ Summarize file histories and handling the files,
and easy access related files
Analyze email information and organize related mail according to importance and content.
※ A service that analyzes and summarizes email contents to
easily find the information that user wants
Chat Bot
Providing a proactive service for most efficient
and necessary information
※ A proactive service that searches and summarizes
information on the Internet using only keywords

B2C Model Add on information management

Lecture note
SAutomatically summarize the lecture note
※ A service that helps students, and automatically add easy information in a hard part to understand
Book & Paper
Reduce time to read whole parts of a book or paper.
※ A service that summarizes specific books,
new papers and articles
SNS HashTag
A service that automatically generates
hash tag for SNS contents
※ Search SNS more easily by the hash tag and protects
anti-fishing by a title
Meeting Minutes
Automatically records and summarizes the contents of the meeting, making it easier for business
※ A service that provides the context and discussion flow in a meeting, and reduces the meeting time
Life log
Summarize your daily life and user can track
their routine later on.
※ A service automatically creates a diary by summarizing
records of SNS, YouTube and daily life.
File Tag
Attach the tag by summarizing the contents of the unorganized files for future searching
※ A service that can easily search the file by the tags
representing the contents of a file